Monday, November 24, 2014

Update 11 - Happy Thanksgiving

It's going to be a short one today folks. I'm leaving for north western New York in the morning and we've been packing all day.

These Wordle things are a great way to add visual interest. Above are words from what I've been working on this week in no particular order and not necessarily written horizontally.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Update 10 - My Audience

Progress Report

Upon reviewing and tweaking what I've got written so far, I'd say it's going well. For instance, after some wrestling, I think I've found a good way to tackle the issue of human nature (as in what it is and isn't, and what that has to do with pop-culture), which was giving me some trouble because there are at least two implied positions about human nature prevalent in pop-cultural circles which have a serious effect on the kind of things that get made and the kind of criticism used to judge them. Two implied positions on human nature, and maybe zero (or ½) explicit ones.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Update 9

Some Thoughts

The other day someone asked me how my book was coming and we ended up getting into a conversation about Objectivism and the philosophy of art. It was all very elevated and, just remembering it, I can barely keep my pinky finger from shooting out and seizing its privileged place above it's fellow fingers.
What a mysterious and imposing 'wordle' this turned out to be.
Clearly, I'm joking (I hope that's clear, or else my sense of humor is severely out of whack.) I could (I did) characterize the conversation we had that way, but it wasn't a conversation about putting things under the correct headings in a college coursebook, or helping each other feel superior because we both knew who Ayn Rand was or could debate the artistic elements and merit of photography. It was two guys talking about stuff guys think about and care about. If we'd been doing any of that other stuff, the conversation wouldn't have been about art, it would have been secretly about us.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Update 8 - Procrastination

Hey, did you see this week's article?
Some Thoughts

There is something I'm going to admit. I procrastinate. In part this has to do with the way I think. Often, when I begin to think about something, when I sit down to write about it, I immediately feel a kind of pull to focus on something else first.

It would be overly confident (and sound pretty ridiculous) to say this was simply how my mind works and how "we artists" do things or some silliness like that. But, I do think it's possible to force an idea before it's been allowed to sit long enough. Sometimes doing something else really is giving your mind long enough to work on something. On the other hand, sometimes it's just avoiding work because thinking is hard and stuff.

Also, deadlines really help to kick one's butt into gear. But, if you rely on the deadline to do this, you might end up riding pretty close to it. You might need it to breathe down your neck to really motivate you. This also happens to me.

Progress Report

The main point of all this is to let y'all know that I'm changing the release schedule on the blog a bit. I'll still be releasing something every week. But, on weeks I release an article, I won't be doing an update on the book. Considering my habits of procrastination, it's just too much insightful wit attempted in one day. I hope you can manage the withdrawal.

© 2014 John Hiner III

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Here's this week's update, with a minor announcement.

When it comes to scary movies, I scare quite easily. But, I don't look at this as a weakness. Being hard to scare at a scary movie is like being a picky eater at a restaurant, or having a high tolerance for alcohol when trying to relax with a beer.
Is this the face of a killer?

If something is trying to scare me for the purposes of my enjoyment, and I know that going in, I am happy to oblige.

Fear is a wonderful sort of thing, because it is rational, moral, and emotional all at once.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Update 7 - a Little Bit of Part 1

Progress Report

Man, it was a tough day for writing. Have any of y'all who write ever had one of those days where you feel like you bash your head against your computer and nothing seems to happen? Well, thankfully, that wasn't how things ended up today, but it certainly felt like that's how they progressed.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Update 6 - The Introduction

Progress Report

Hey everybody,

Below is a rough draft (meaning here "unfinished, tentative version") of the introduction to the book.

I've been reading about Art some, but decided it would be a good time to do some more serious thinking about the structure of this thing and try to get down on pixels some of the whys and wherefores of it. I feel like it's coming together some.