(Below is the about page as it has stood since this blog started a year ago. Although all the writing produced over that period of time is still available, the blog has changed. So, after you read this, go here to see how things have changed.)

Here is my opportunity to explain to you why, of all the millions of blogs people are writing at this moment, you should read this one too. Let’s be candid though, if you’ve made it this far you’re probably already interested. Something grabbed your attention; intrigued you enough on the front page to elicit another “click” – by which is meant a sort of commodity more plentiful than leaves on trees, and yet still in high demand.

But I can’t let that make me cocky. No, I must do what I can to keep you reading and clicking. If I want to drown out the millions of doo-dads fighting for your attention on the glowing rectangle before you, I must be witty and interesting all the time!

But what is this blog about!?

This blog is the effort of one man to take seriously, as an adult human being, the movies, games, comics, music etc. that I (and we) grew up surrounded by, from about the last half of last century (circa 1950) to the present.

It is an effort to treat the ideas, stories, images, and melodies we have been producing for each other’s (and our own) amusement as thoughts worth examining, worthy of consideration and judgment.

What can you expect?

You can expect one post a week (released on Mondays) of around 600 words a piece. These will differ in scope and theme (and will be grouped accordingly in the table of contents), some will be lone articles about some aspect of pop-culture in general, or a particular symbol, idea, story, etc. Others will have multiple parts.

Each one is meant to be a more or less complete argument, reflection, or observation, although reading from the beginning of a series will probably help make sense of things.

Do I care what you have to say about any of this?

I do. I encourage comments, discussion, and suggestions for more topics. The notion here is that these things we fill our heads with should be thought about, so help me think about them!

That’s it! Go read my stuff!

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