Monday, February 16, 2015

Update 20 and a Thought on News

Some Thoughts

So, I've recently begun writing for an online publication called Pixel Dynamo. What I've been writing is news, so I thought I should say a little something about "news" itself because, at least what I'm writing, is certainly a pop-cultural phenomenon.
I've been writing about 250 words at a time about some recent development having to do with video games or the making of video games. I know video games are part of pop-culture, but that isn't the pop-cultural phenomenon I mean. What I'm talking about is the fact that all kinds of announcements, speculations, and conversations are going on all the time about pieces of art that aren't finished yet (they might not have even been started), or about works of art that people are currently enjoying and discussing with each other. My job at Pixel Dynamo is simply to listen to all this stuff, find something people might want to hear about, and then write a little bit that stirs up their thinking.

This kind of constant, widespread engagement with a work of art in the process of being made or enjoyed is a pretty interesting thing. I'm sure there is an economic motivation on the part of game developers (they want to drum up interest and keep that interest going), but it also presents an opportunity to close the gap between people making art and people enjoying it; to discuss what is being made, how, and why so that we can appreciate the process of making as well as the final product. It's a little like walking into Rembrandt's or Michelangelo's studio and asking them how the work is going; after having been invited of course. I suspect Michelangelo would get really pissed at you otherwise.

Progress Report

I've been focusing on getting into the swing of things at my new gig. So, I regret to say that I have nothing new to report on the book. But it has not been abandoned. I'm still working on it, and you can expect some, well, report of actual progress this coming week. If it does not appear, I will have been a very bad boy.

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