Monday, June 22, 2015

Update 36

An Excerpt

"...So, humans live on the line between the material and the immaterial worlds. When we make art that has no practical purpose, we embody some immaterial idea or thing in a physical medium. This embodiment of the immaterial in the material is just what we do when we talk or write, because language conveys ideas (which are immaterial) by means of air waves or ink or LCD monitors (which are material).

Making this connection between language and art allows us to see something very important about human history, namely that it has been a huge conversation. Each generation has spoken to the next, and even distant generations have spoken to each other, by means of art of all kinds. 

Philosophical treatises, poetry, sculpture, painting, music, drama, legends, etc. have all embodied thoughts and ideas just as language itself does and anyone who finds these things, and can interpret them, can see something of the immaterial world in them. Their thoughts are then influenced by what they’ve seen and they produce their own art, and on and on and on."

© 2015 John Hiner III

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